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Steve Wightman | Polished RockI imagine the landfill of misspent construction dollars. A lone overseer shuffles through the piles, of risk, distrust, defensive-processes, promises, credit, mismanagement, fraud, lawsuits and more. He searches, but never finds value.

Most people do not realize that the construction industry has not seen productivity improvement in 80 years (US Census); that it has one of the highest failure rates, has the least access to capital, and usually has the longest account receivables of any industry in the world.

Experts say that construction is at least 30% inefficient. They rarely attribute inefficiency as a byproduct of the friction on dollars. The flow of cash from its financial institution source through all the subcontractors and suppliers to final delivery of a building has been accepted-chaos for decades.

My mission is to remove waste each time a construction dollar is spent; to create an assembly line, which dollars flow through efficiently so that work can now be delivered efficiently to customers. No construction sub-segment needs this help more desperately than insurance claims; especially following disasters. Insurers routinely lose half of what they spend to rebuild a customer’s building due to the huge friction on re-construction-dollars.

Insurers keep paying more and their customers keep benefiting less. By all accounts Florida is broken.

Steve Wightman, CEO Polished Rock


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Polished Rock develops high-level supply chain logistical support plans that focus on smoothing friction. We study what is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed. We use our vantage point to spot redundancies, ease pain points, help your customers recover sooner and create an environment that rewards users.

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